Hello and welcome to my online works. Beyond my full-time job as a professional engineer, I have created and participated in several podcasts most notably Pragmatic.

I’ve also created a few projects and I also write longer-form articles from time to time. In addition I’ve been playing with comic strips recently with Enginerd.

Thanks for stopping by.

Pragmatic Episode 60: Or Was That Doctor Sbaitso

7th March 2015

With four episodes to go Vic chose a topic that was never on the list - the history of programming. We look at five key people in the evolution of programming.

Apologies for the fan noise in the background of my audio. It was 36 degrees Celcius (96 Farenheit) in the house for the most part of the recording.

Co-Host: Vic Hudson is the host of the App Story Podcast and is the developer behind Money Pilot for iOS.

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Pragmatic Episode 59: Roll With The Seasons

26th February 2015

Erik Hess of Technical Difficulties and Dawn Patrol joins me to talk about the things that motivate and demotivate us, and turning hobbies into jobs and then back into hobbies again.

Guest-Host: Erik Hess is a designer and developer and former fighter pilot and blogs from time to time. Formerly of the podcasts Generational on 70 Decibels, Dawn Patrol and Technical Difficulties.

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Final Votes

23rd February 2015

As part of the wrap-up of the Pragmatic podcast I’m preparing a list of statistics about the show that may/may not be of interest to some of the listeners. As part of that I thought it might be nice for listeners to participate in one final vote - rate/rank your favourite episodes of the show. It’s anonymous if you want it to be however if you enter your name and a valid EMail address into the submission, you’ll be in the running to win a Pragmatic sticker. (If it’s not obvious, I’ll need the EMail address so I can get in touch.)

Yeah I know I’m going all out here with prizes…

A random three submissions will be chosen from the final list on the morning of the final episode and the winners will be announced during the episode. Thanks again for your support everyone.

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