Hello and welcome to my online works. Beyond my full-time job as a professional engineer, I have created and participated in several podcasts most notably Pragmatic.

I’ve also created a few projects and I also write longer-form articles from time to time. In addition I’ve been playing with comic strips recently with Enginerd.

Thanks for stopping by.

Pragmatic Archive

30th March 2015

Previously regarding my podcast Pragmatic I had said:

The last episode will be posted at the end of March, 2015 and I will keep the feed up for a few months after that.

I’ve had a lot of feedback mostly surrounding the timeless nature of the podcast and Florians Backup Script was spurred by my previous remarks as well, such that I’ve changed my mind and I will continue to host Pragmatic files on LibSyn for the next year at least, maybe longer.

I didn’t realise how upset so many people would be so hopefully this accodomation will satisfy present and potential future listeners of the show.

The final episode was delayed due to internet and electrical issues on both sides last week and will be recorded tomorrow and released shortly thereafter.

Pragmatic Episode 62: Send It Into The Void Baby

22nd March 2015

John tackles how the internet works - the most requested topic as voted by Pragmatic listeners in this, the penultimate episode of the show.

Co-Host: Vic Hudson is the host of the App Story Podcast and is the developer behind Money Pilot for iOS.

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Pragmatic Episode 61: You Never Really Owned It

14th March 2015

Seth Clifford returns to discuss DRM and the value of entertainment content. We also explore if DRM will someday end.

Guest-Host: Seth Clifford of Nickelfish and he also appears on the Iterate podcast.

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