Amazon Are Doing Just Fine: For Now...

01 February, 2012 09:02PM ยท 1 minute read

The tech news world is always a buzz this time of year, as the final quarter of the previous year which includes the holiday sales period is usually the strongest for tech companies. Apple recently released record breaking results. Amazon just released their results.

There are two keys items in the report: Net Income down from $416M in 2010 Q4 to $177M in 2011 Q4 (a 58% decrease) and the “…Kindle (is) our bestselling product across both the U.S. and Europe.”

Whilst Amazon don’t break out their Kindle numbers or even allude to them in real terms, one can assume that their new Kindle Fire is selling well, though unlikely to be selling better than their existing Kindle eInk e-Readers. Clearly there is year over year growth for their existing Kindle eInks, bolstered by their new Kindle Fire Tablet PC.

It’s no surprise that their net income was down: for Amazon introducing a new product as expensive (relative to their eInk Kindles) as the Fire has drained their resources and a bounce-back is very likely in the near future. In short: Amazon are doing just fine: For now.