Celebrating 100,000 Words

04 November, 2013 08:58PM · 2 minute read

Microphone This post will put TechDistortion past the 100,000 words published since its inception. When I started TD on the 7th of March, 2011 and ported over 6 articles I’d written in the previous year1 I wasn’t looking to write so many.

Given this is not my full time job and importantly, doesn’t need to be, it’s been a labour of love and enjoyment to get ideas out of my head in longer form articles that my readers can enjoy. I’ve appreciated all the feedback, predominantly positive, about what I’ve written about in the last 20 months. Most of all I’ve really appreciated those people that have engaged with me on Twitter, by Email and in person to further a discussion started here.

Some interesting statistics2 for you, gathered in the last 20 months of visitors to TD. 78% of TD readers are from the US, with 8% from the UK and only 5% from my home country. (Go America!)

Not surprisingly given my preferences for most things Apple, 70% of visitors were running an Apple Operating System with 27% running Windows. Given my penchant for longer articles it makes sense that 66% of the Apple readers were using a desktop browser with 16% reading on iPads with Mobile Safari. Enough of the stats.

To celebrate this milestone I’d like to announce an upcoming feature for TechDistortion. Shortly a new podcast feed will be available on iTunes for people to subscribe to an audio recording of my posts. I’m calling it the TechDistortion “Postcast.” Whilst every effort will be made to synchronise the two it can not be guaranteed but should be no longer than a few hours apart. I will be going as far back as the last 5 posted articles (including this one) for the initial feed, and will continue based on its popularity or lack thereof. It’s an experiment. Let’s see how it goes.

I’d like to personally thank each and every person who has ever read anything I’ve written: Your time is precious and I appreciate your spending some of that time ’listening’ to me. You’re the best.

Kindest personal regards,

John Chidgey

  1. some for YouTheBlogger on the currently on-hiatus MacTheMag ↩︎

  2. or perhaps not interesting¬†at all if you hate statistics or you hate ‘meta’ articles ↩︎