Gartner Reports That Apple will Rule the Tablet Market

12 April, 2011 09:23PM ยท 1 minute read

First of all, who really believes this stuff? (I don’t like linking to Engadget directly but I had trouble finding the original source given my broadband is acting up right now).

I mean really - who in their right mind can believe Gartners predictions about anything? The best way to plan your business direction is not based on predictions about the future since nobody knows what’s going to happen. If you want to pick a platform to bank on the time being - pick iOS for tablets since it’s been out there for a year now and it’s selling really well. If you want to pick the current number two runner - pick Android. The Xoom is out and selling okay. So far that’s it. We’ll get back to y’all once WebOS and the PlayBook finally show up to the party. Until then, if you see a prediction from Gartner, press your ignore button. Really. Save yourself the time - unless you want a chuckle.