Having An Epiphany Doesn't Make You A Hypocrite

26 January, 2012 07:28AM · 1 minute read

I wrote last year that opinions about opinions aren’t worth reading or writing and I stand by that stance. What’s changed is I’ve decided to extend this to podcasting activities. I recently started working on a podcast with long-time Twitter and Forum acquaintance Clinton Philips. The Podcast is called The Exastential Podcast and this post is partly a shameless plug.

I’ve noticed a trend with a podcast network that has many podcasts where the majority of hosts know or knew each other prior to the podcasts and during their own podcasts they comment on each others, other podcasts. It seems very similar to the spoken form of opinions about opinions.

As I am now in the Podcast game (early days - I’m aware of this) I’m endeavouring not to critique or comment on other podcasts on Exastential or any other podcasts I may be involved with in the future. I can’t speak for the Clinton, any guests or the panel but as I challenged readers to last year, email me if I break my own rule.

Trying not to be like the rest of them.

Email Tech Distortion if breaches to my new self-imposed code of conduct are documented from this date forward