iPhone Tops User Satisfaction Survey. Again.

21 March, 2011 08:58PM ยท 1 minute read

In what is becoming a trend the Apple iPhone has once again topped the J.D. Power user satisfaction survey for business smartphones just as it did in September 2010, and April 2010 and so on. They rate the phones based on Ease of Operation, the Operating System, Physical Design, Handset Features and Battery Function (life) resulting in an overall score out of 1,000. What I find interesting is that the competitors are collectively within 2% of each others scores. The iPhone is nearly 5% ahead of its nearest competitors and is really only marked down by its battery life rating being so low. Blackberry continue their backward slide and the competition and Motorola in particular are regaining some of their former glory it seems with good products like the Droid.

The iPhone continues to provide the best overall experience in smartphones and kudos to Apple for pulling it off. Apple do need to be on notice however, as their competitors are closing in if these results are anything to go by. Good experience creates new sales and switchers takes mind-share and market-share away from Apple.