John Tackles Blogvember 2019

04 November, 2019 02:30AM ยท 1 minute read

Flicking through my RSS on the plane to the States and I came across Shawn Blanc’s post about blogging everyday during November. Since I don’t have the time or commitment to finish anything longer than a short story (hence NaNoWriMo never worked for me) then this seems to work. What the heck?

I started by back-publishing two articles that were 70% done and then yesterday wrote about the differences in travelling overseas in the current age vs when I was young.

This qualifies as a meta-post, which I ordinarily detest writing, but alas here we are anyway. The truth is that TechDistortion hasn’t been a regular blog for nearly five years as I’ve spent my time podcasting instead. Sometimes I cross the streams, mostly I don’t. There was a time a while ago where some people were encouraging novel-length podcast episode show notes but thankfully that didn’t last long and it’s not really the same thing. (People don’t read podcasts, they listen to them. Who knew?)

Whether my attempt to tackle “Blogvember,” which is it’s apparent moniker, yields anything of interest to the world at large may be judged by the masses upon its completion.