Kids iMacs at Apple Stores Replaced with iPads

05 May, 2012 11:50AM ยท 1 minute read

When I visited the Apple Store in Chermside last weekend I noticed something odd. I told my 4 year old: “Go play on the kids iMacs” whilst I tracked down the adaptor I was after. Imagine my surprise when the two tables, each with two iMacs on them had been replaced by four iPads mounted in their place on each table.

Historically my kids would rarely get a seat as one out of the four iMacs was usually locked out or off or otherwise unusable. Of the other three iMacs there was usually a children’s queue (that is to say the kids loitered in the general area waiting for a turn) and sometimes they would get a go.

Now with iPads all four on each table were in use and there were still kids waiting.

I’d say it was a smart move and a sign of the importance of tablets in our future.