Opinions About Opinions Aren't Worth Reading or Writing

26 March, 2011 09:52PM ยท 2 minute read

I recently had an epiphany. It came to me when listening to a podcast where two gentlemen (using the term very loosely) were yelling obscenities at each other as they criticised tech journalist opinion columns and tech reviews of products. I realised that there are essentially two types of Tech Journalism: 1) Reviews, discussions and predictions of how a product works and performs [or may work and perform] and 2) Opinions regarding articles from type 1.

After much internal debate I have decided on a new policy: Tech Distortion shall endeavour to not post opinion articles about other opinions. I have broken this new rule (retrospectively) only twice that I see here and here. I may refer to opinion articles to provide context but that’s it.

If the internet with blogging and journalism continues to produce sites that merely comment on other peoples opinions then surely there will eventually be a feedback loop whereby a single article creates an endless series of responses that are opinions of opinions of opinions that in the end aren’t worth reading, much less writing in the first place. It may well be that some posts aren’t worth reading after the first opinion about an opinion - certainly true of the podcast that caused my epiphany.

It’s done. It’s out there. Wish me luck. Trying not to be like the rest of them.

Email Tech Distortion if breaches to my new self-imposed code of conduct are documented from this date forward.