Podcasting Live

22 August, 2014 08:00AM ยท 2 minute read

It’s now been three and a half months since I took Pragmatic Indie and I’ve been gradually adding features to the site as I’ve been going. One of the features I’m adding as of today (trialled two weeks ago when recording Tangential Episode 3) is podcasting live.

In addition I’ve set up an IRC chatroom with a web-embed that you can join in discussion during the show. I’ve done live recording of Pragmatic in the past (Eps 10-14) where Ben Alexander used MixLr which for Ep 15 proved problematic and live streaming was originally shelved as a result. I’ve gone with a self-hosted solution using Nicecast to broadcast a stream to Icecast 2 hosted on a CloudShards VPS (previously on Digital Ocean). It’s much better quality and seems to be more stable.

I have an IRC Bot that keeps an eye on the IRC channel however I’m still working through the ShowBot. I’m forking the newer and well-known 5by5 ShotBot and learning a bit of Ruby and Rails while I’m at it. Also considering trying Casey Liss’ ATP ShowBot as well to see how it works out in comparison. Ultimately the ShowBot will be added as I have spare time in coming weeks.

The next episode will be live streamed just after 2pm US EDT this Friday the 22nd of August.

Sat 4:00am Fri 2:00pm Fri 11:00am Fri 7:00pm

For the next few weeks times will be announced each week as they will vary each week depending upon guest-host availability.

As always please join in live in the chat room and chime in with whatever you like for Tangential however note that for Pragmatic the following:

Thanks as always for listening and I appreciate your patience as I pull all of this together.