Pragmatic and TechDistortion Stickers

04 February, 2015 04:00PM ยท 1 minute read

At the request of many listeners and readers and with the help of StickerMule I’ve put up four official stickers to choose from (prices in USD):

Pragmatic TechDistortion Qty1 Qty5/ea Qty10/ea
Small Small $3 $2.08 $1.77
Large Large $5 $3.52 $3.02

Shipping within the USA is free however International is $6 via USPS and shipping for small sizes only increases beyond a quantity of 25 so why not grab a few since the average price drops considerably as quantity increases.

This would not be possible without the StickerMule Marketplace as they basically handle everything for me so I am grateful for their service.

Enjoy :)