Pragmatic Season 2

09 May, 2014 08:00AM ยท 2 minute read

It’s time for a change. As I said to Ben Alexander when I pitched the concept of Pragmatic back in October 2013, I intended to revisit the show format and content periodically: every 10 episodes or so. Well it’s been a bit longer and at this point (Episode 20) I have decided to take Pragmatic Indie.

What this means is that Pragmatic will now be hosted here at Tech Distortion and will have a new feed URL.

The Season 1 back-catalogue will still be available in the feed and any iTunes/RSS feeds if you’re using a ‘podcatcher’ should pick up the new feed in the next few days.

Instead of the same host each week I will be inviting on guest hosts from the software, engineering and design community usually based on the discussion topic. The ultimate aim of the show remains unchanged as I attempt to provide something that other people can use constructively. In essence, to try and be Pragmatic - or at least that’s my goal.

I want to take this opportunity to publically thank Ben and the team at FiatLux/Constellation for their great work on the new Constellation website and also to Lorenzo Guddemi who edited the audio of the most recent episodes of Season 1.

Many thanks to all of the listeners past and present that have followed what I think can now be described as Season 1 of the show. There is plenty more to come in Season 2 and beyond.