Pragmatic T-Shirts

21 January, 2015 09:30PM ยท 1 minute read

Like so many before me and with some prompting from fans of the show as of today the first ever Pragmatic T-Shirt is available for sale through TeeSpring.

There is a choice of mens and womens and for those unfamiliar with the way TeeSpring works, it’s a bit like a Kickstarter for shirts - if we don’t make the minimum sales goal: no-one gets charged and we all move on shirtless (though we hope you still have other shirts laying around the house).

That said I’ve set a low sales goal to avoid disappointment for those that really do want one. I didn’t pick the crummiest shirts available, I picked nicer ones in the middle-range that I’ve heard good things about.

The campaign will end on the 11th of February, 2015 so grab them while you can.