Speaking of small nothings for Humankind...DOS for Playbook!

18 November, 2011 07:15PM ยท 1 minute read

Wow. I mean really. Wow. It never ceases to amaze me how people choose to spend their free time. For example you could play with your kids (if you have any), go out with your partner (if you have one), or party with your mates (if you have any) or solitary things like write a novel or do something artistic. If, instead of this list of good options, you instead chose: Port an unsupported, 20 year old operating system onto an unpopular tablet computer, then you must have been this guy. Meltbox360 has posted instructions on how to run DosBOX (a cross-platform DOS emulator) on the Blackberry Playbook. From this, one can run Windows 3.11 and any manner of really old games with a touch interface they were never designed for.

Speaking of small nothings for Humankind this one takes the cake for me. There have been tablets around for ages that could run DOS programs anyway. If that’s a selling point for you then you won’t buy a Playbook in the first place.