The Engadget Dynamic Trio bow out

14 March, 2011 09:26AM ยท 2 minute read

It’s both scary and amazing how time seems to fly and it seems like not that long ago I first tuned into Engadget Podcasts and started following the Engadget site. I downloaded some 40 or so episodes to listen to one morning and saddled up for a long week of site visits with 3+ hour round trips each day listening to Engadget podcasts as I drove. I had started listening in November 2008 and the podcasts had just been taken over by Nilay Patel, Paul Miller and the very vocal Joshua Topolsky. Having listened to the previous dozen or so podcasts I was almost ready to turn them off as frankly the older shows were sounding tired and the hosts were clearly getting a bit tired of it as well. Some of this was made clear when Ryan Block left and moved to get GDGT off the ground.

So I gave the new guys a chance and never looked back. I have listened to every episode ever since - some live but most not. The trio seemed to just click and their discussions would often get sidetracked well off topic but it was all good fun and was great to listen to. They took the podcast to a new level with enthusiasm and character and also regularity that was previously lacking. I’ve never heard of a podcast with such a loyal following so much so that in the last year a listener/programmer put together a podcast bingo app with many of the trios catch phrases that I admit to playing just once or twice.

I began reading the site and saw much needed improvements from site layout to cross-platform apps for mobile devices to new commenting systems - all driven by the new team and crowned by the great success “The Engadget Show”. Whilst the site is great and I haven’t always agreed with the trio in their posts and opinions to me they made the tech fun and interesting and they essentially were Engadget to me. With them now all gone it will never be the same.

My favourite expressions: Josh, “Nilay, you’re fired.” Nilay, “Don’t use an IR Blaster!” (sad music plays) Paul, “I don’t like the pixel density…”

It’s been a blast guys. Rest assured we’ll be following your future careers with great interest.

“Rock N Roll”