The “New” iPad Doesn’t Work on 4G in Australia: Part 2

13 May, 2012 01:17PM · 1 minute read

In late March I went into depth about the ACCC case against Apple and the new iPad that Apple was advertising as having a 4G capable model. I encourage readers to go back over that article before reading on.

This week Apple took their labelling changes further with their online store now calling the new iPad + 4G the iPad + Cellular. This is a global change and appears on every Apple website I checked around the world.

Clearly Apple is responding to the ACCC and the also pressure from the UK ASA (Advertising Standards Authority). The change is welcome and a step in the right direction.

Before wrapping this up I’d like to add an interesting footnote. In Australia, people don’t call mobile devices “cellular” devices: we say “Mobile Phone” NOT “Cellular Phone” like North Americans do. That’s okay though: we know what they mean…