The New iPad

08 March, 2012 06:13AM ยท 1 minute read

Apple have just announced their new iPad. It sports a retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 (246 pixels per inch) and has LTE and a better camera. It has a few updated applications plus a new app for iOS: iPhoto. The pricing is unchanged compared to the current models and they’re keeping around the iPad 2 in a 16Gb WiFi/3G in White/Black models at a lower price point ($429 AUD for 16Gb WiFi).

My only two comments: The iPad 2 will be a very high selling model and will help keep any other tablets in the market at bay. Also, the LTE won’t work with Telstras 1800MHz 4G network, so don’t get excited about download speeds on this device in Oz.

Apple have chosen to call the new iPad, “The New iPad” which to me seems a bit silly. In many ways the market and consumers will give it their own name. For example the iPhone originally was not called anything other than the iPhone originally, but in time has gained two names: the iPhone 1 and the iPhone 2G. In time, the market will name it either the iPad 3 or iPad HD. Apple can’t stop it. It needs a proper name eventually.