23 April, 2013 07:15AM ยท 2 minute read

As previously discussed here the phenomenon of Link Blogs is playing a major role in shaping our tech news digesting habits: For better or for worse. Most blogs are put together with increasingly powerful Content Management Systems (CMSs) including Drupal, Movable Type and WordPress. The traditional method of hosting a web site requires readers to visit the page directly or obtain an RSS feed of that site to see what’s happening. How best to spread the word about the site though?

Enter Twitter. With 140 characters it’s possible to link to an article and with followers on Twitter many will click through to read those articles. It evolves further with URL shortening services like and eventually Twitter adds their own such that more of the precious 140 characters are available for commentary. With many bloggers writing shorter and shorter pieces, rather than bother with a CMS to direct traffic and pageviews to and to avoid site maintenance and hosting headaches, why not just Twitter Link Blog?

TwinkBlogs are the next step in iterative, bite-sized blogging, aggregating content for you, the follower. The currency of TwinkBlogs is no longer about page views but about follower count. There is no direct monetization for the TwinkBlogger however popularity can have a halo effect on ones career that whilst not calculable, may someday be of benefit in certain circles.