USA Fast Food Part One

06 November, 2019 11:30AM ยท 4 minute read

I used to have a dangerous weight problem, and failing other weight loss methods over years I had weight loss surgery. It’s been hard and I’m not even sure I recommend it, but it was effective enough. So since then keeping my weight under control has been easier but I still need to be careful. If I eat too much it hurts. Physically. Stabbing pains. Ouchie - no no. I generally can’t drink anything until 45 minutes after I’ve eaten so if I have a few sips before I eat that’s the way to go.

That said, I’ve been away from the USA for nearly two decades and with TV being more international, listening to lots of podcasts by Americans and between Twitter and Facebook I’ve heard many references to Fast Food outlets, various restaurants and the like - most of which don’t exist outside of the US.

Hence when over here for a conference I made it my personal mission to try as many as reasonably possible. Without making myself feel ill or enduring searing stomach pains…

I’ll release a full update on the flight back, but for now here’s what I’ve tried and my thoughts on each. Please note: it’s not possible to try every single menu item, it’s a one-hit-one-outlet-one-meal kinda deal, so I’ve asked friends for recommendations and of course, done my best to pick…the following aren’t in order of anything:

Before moving on part two I’d like to add the following notes:

Part Two soon…