You Have All The Time You Need

27 July, 2014 07:00PM · 2 minute read

Sometimes I hear people say they don’t have enough time to do the things they want to do but here’s the thing: Everyone has all the time they’re going to get. Beyond that the most successful and/or happy people in the world have the same amount of time as you do. If something really, truly matters to you then you will make the time to do it. If your heart isn’t really in something you won’t make the time since clearly it doesn’t matter THAT much to you.

For those that say: “I have too many other priorities I have to deal with…” your answer is self-explanatory. The thing you’re saying you have no time to do ISN’T A PRIORITY FOR YOU for whatever reason.

Taking care of your family and friends and being responsible in your life are all things you should always make time for because those are the things that matter the most (at least for me). Ultimately make your own list. Set your own priorities. Live your own life your way. It’s the best part of being free. Please. Please do.

But if you’re not doing something you said you wanted to do, be honest with yourself and don’t tell me and others “you don’t have the time.” What you mean to say is, “I have too many other higher priorities at the moment and this doesn’t matter that much to me.”

Someday, if it REALLY matters, you’ll make the time, because you have all the time you need.