A Different Year In Review

01 January, 2014 08:22AM

With so many of my friends and family posting “the year that was” type articles talking about the highs and lows of the previous year, since it’s nearly New Years Eve or perhaps it’s next year already, I thought I needed to do the same.

What’s that dear reader? You’d like to know what my personal highs and lows were in 2013?

There were none. It was just another random collection of 365 days. I suppose I could list individual events but for what purpose? Am I drawing up some kind of Pros/Cons list? Were I to look back at the year between the 12th of Septembers I would say the same thing. There is nothing magical about a year being good or bad or hoping that the next year will be better. New Years resolutions are usually overly ambitious, poorly thought through and difficult to successfully achieve. Why is it people spend so much time focused on future planning for one day each year?

Not that you asked for it, here’s my advice anyway.

Every day is the right day to re-evaluate your life and it’s direction. If you’re not happy with an aspect of your life and it can be changed at a price worth paying, then change it now, and don’t wait. Any one event can be evaluated as being good or bad, but groups or collections of events are coincidental and their grouping means nothing so stop fretting about things ‘coming in threes’ or being a ‘bad day,’ ‘bad week,’ ‘bad month,’ or any other arbitrary time span. Focus on the future and the good days to come, every day. Life is short and you owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to enjoy it.

Happy New Arbitrary Date.