12 January, 2014 05:42PM ยท 2 minute read

Recently I started recording the Pragmatic with Ben Alexander of the FiatLux podcasting syndicate. I did not imagine that by the second episode we would be breaking into 4-digit download territory, appearing so high in the iTunes charts or receiving so much positive feedback from our listeners.

One thing that I did want to do for Pragmatic was to heavily research the materials I wanted to cover to ensure as much factual accuracy as possible. This inevitably takes time and each week I’m spending 10-15 hours on average just doing show preparation. Working a 40-hour a week job, with 15-hours commuting time each week and family time on top of that, it leaves precious little time for much else.

Wishing to focus on Pragmatic for the time being and as I attempt to keep the standards for the show as high or higher than they have been I’ve decided I have no choice but to cut back on my other part-time endeavours.

TechDistortion will support Pragmatic with parallel updates when/if they make sense on a show by show basis for the foreseeable future. Independent articles will be fewer and farther between as a consequence.

Regrettably I have also had to fade into the background of the Anodised Podcast with Clinton Philips. I’ve really enjoyed co-hosting season one with Clinton, just as I did with Exastential and Clinton intends to continue Anodised as an interview-style show as the sole host. Clinton has already told me about a cracking list of great guests already organised to appear in the first half of this year. My appearance on the first episode in 2014 was my last scheduled appearance however from this point I will probably drop by as a guest from time to time as time permits.

I know I say this a lot but my heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who is enjoying Pragmatic and to those that have written such positive things about it. It’s been a crazy few months as there are lots of topics yet to cover.