Each Podcast Episode As A Single Idea

20 December, 2013 09:27PM ยท 1 minute read

What if there was a podcast whereby each episode had minimal banter and after a brief introduction to the hosts and the show itself, launched straight into a topic. Each show would only have one topic no matter the length. It could be as short as 10 minutes or as long as hour. Follow-up would be released as a separate show, not bundled with a different topic. Follow-up episodes would be numbered as sub-episodes to which they relate for easier review by the listener. There would be no after dark; no after-show. Listeners could pick and choose the episodes that interested them (I’m buying the single, not the whole album okay!) rather than fast-forwarding through the bits they weren’t interested in. Podcasters would get better feedback through the download numbers themselves to guide future topics. Focus on what’s convenient for the listener, not what’s convenient for the podcasters themselves.

Would YOU listen to a podcast where each episode exists only as a single idea?