Follow-up And Topic Focus

21 December, 2013 02:06PM ยท 2 minute read

As of Episode 5 of Pragmatic, follow-up will be handled differently on each show. Follow-up is a critical component of Pragmatic however it is specific to set topics and episodes. Therefore all follow up shall now be split out as a separate episode and numbered with a suffix a, b, c etc., to denote the order the follow-up was appended to the original episode. (Think of them as Addendums to the original topic episode)

For example: with two follow-ups on Episode 2, the final list of episodes in the podcast feed would look like:

Each week we will be recording a new topic as well as any pertinent follow-up from previous episodes however they will be released as separate shows in the main feed.

This is an experiment. It is designed to allow the listener to choose which topic and related follow-up they are interested in listening to. In addition it will break down longer episodes into smaller pieces that, individually, may be easier for some listeners to enjoy.

In addition both topic and follow-up episodes will be capped at 90 minutes maximum.

Ben and I are very grateful for any and all feedback (positive or negative) so let us know your thoughts on this change and help us to deliver a show that you would prefer to listen to.

You’re the best and thanks again for listening. :)