Johns Different Year In Review for 2014

31 December, 2014 07:15AM ยท 3 minute read

With so many of my friends and family posting “the year that was” type articles talking about the highs and lows of the previous year, since it’s nearly New Years Eve or perhaps it’s next year already by the time you read this, I thought I needed to do the same. Just like last year.

So its been another random collection of 365 days, with the change of calendar year on a Gregorian Calendar once again abritrarily placed. Or rather placed in a position that really doesn’t make that much sense.

But if we’re going to bother to take pause then let’s put our pause to good use shall we? Whilst we should re-evaluate where we are, where we’re going and where we’d like to go on a regular basis (and we hope we’re heading where we want to be heading) too many people don’t. Consider this your excuse to do so now.

Rub your finger-tips gently on the sides of your temple and picture in your mind where you’d like to be…you can have anything you want…be anyone you want…

Now snap out of it. Instead, try these more useful ideas:

Happy New Arbitrary Date.