66 Seconds

22 December, 2014 06:20PM ยท 1 minute read

I had a crazy idea a few weeks ago: do an Episode of Tangential with my fellow Dr Who fan and friend Vic Hudson but do a fast cut of our thoughts of each episode in Season 8 within 66 seconds, per the Murderous Mummy midway through the season.

The usual Tangential format of two never-the-same guest hosts was put on hold a while back so I could focus on Pragmatic but this sorta-kinda-sorta fits. Before you go and get pedantic on me, I realise the final cut is 69 seconds long - but if you exclude the introductory and outroductory sound bytes for starting and stopping the stopwatch the duration of Vic and I talking is 66 seconds.

If you’re not into Tangential that’s fine, but if you just want to listen to 66 seconds summarising the most recent season of Dr Who then try the exerpt below. If you want to hear the whole episode, check it out here.