12 July, 2014 07:20PM · 2 minute read

Recently I’ve wanted to just chat with people I’ve met on Twitter on either Facetime Audio or Skype. I mean, why not? After doing it a few times it TurnsOutTM that some of things we discussed were worthy of a podcast (IMHO). If Pragmatic is a show highly focused on the detailed discussion of a specific topic and attempts be useful to others, then Tangential is its polar opposite.

Each week or two I’ll bring together two different guests to talk about whatever they like. Odd as it sounds I’ve had a few requests to do a show like this, so I’m going to run this as an experiment and see how it goes. The shows tagline sums it up: “An unending conversation where every topic is a tangent from the last one. Embrace the chaos.”

I also add “No-one’s done this before have they?” because I know - it’s not a new idea for the world but it’s something I’ve never done before. For Exastential and Anodised there was always preparation and planning. Not this time.

Here’s the next twist: If you want to come on the show, just ask. I already have list of people that are keen to appear but if you want to chat, ask me via the feedback form and we’ll see what we can do.